Tuesday, December 06, 2005

12 HarI

Gosh.... this is the last day on the training center. Finally i had finished my 9th day on the fully tired day of training. For the last 5 days i spent it in senipah....1.5 hours from bpn where all u can see is people.....people....and people...well i mean is people whom i know them well for about 16 months. The other view is tank...floating tank....then smell of benzene....the green tree. This place remind me of my old old story....place where i can gain knowledge, learning how to deal with other people, learning how to respect the people not from ; who they r or what they have but u learn from them how they appreciate their life and what a knowledge they have more than what u can find it on the books or ensiclophedia.
For the last 5 days i learn how i miss my soulmate. Being far away from him make me realize how he meant to me a lot. Well it doesn't mean that i never realize before...but more more i understand why God sent him for me. Then i realize that i accept him for the worst than the better. Last nite i have a bad dream.....it said that i've broken with my soulmate it looks so real it makes me shock even after i wake up. I sent him an SMS to make sure that nothing has change....he replied and make sure that everything is OK.....Relief then i can take a deep breath...